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The AFP brings together agfinance stakeholders to address issues in the enabling environment that will result in more finance working sustainably for the agriculture sector in Uganda.

Created in March 2015 the AFP is a dynamic, responsive and action-based multi-stakeholder platform, hosted by Uganda Agribusiness Alliance, whose purpose is to improve focus and response to Uganda's agricultural finance challenges through a coordinated approach.

The AFP acts as a market facilitator by catalysing effective actions that will increase the depth, quality and absorption of financial services for (and by) all levels & sizes of actors along the agriculture value chains.

The AFP members are drawn from the Ugandan government, financial services providers, agribusinesses including farmers, development partners and other agriculture finance stakeholders such as NGOs, business advisors, researchers etc.
These stakeholders will work together to, among others, identify ways of developing a competitive agriculture finance industry in Uganda and to drive growth across their organisations.

UAA is building partnerships and active engagements of all agricultural value chain actors in Uganda to identify and coordinate solutions for addressing systemic bottlenecks that can have a catalytic effect on agribusiness development across the country.