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UAA inspires breakthrough solutions that will increase private sector investment in the Ugandan agricultural sector

This Programme exclusively targets agribusinesses that want to enter their next growth phase and have the potential and determination to get there. They have already built a business and are ready for their next big phase of growth but don't know how to get there! The enterprises, thus, must have a foundation that positions them for growth.

To be eligible for this Programme, the agribusiness must;-

  • Be a registered business (including cooperatives), based in Uganda, with all required licenses, TIN number, and a business bank account.
  • Be a commercially viable business with 5 to 250 employees (on a full-time basis) that have significant potential, and ambition, for growth.
  • Have a workable plan to grow the business or has a scalable business.
  • Have a track record indicating success e.g. it must have at least one year of mostly positive cash flows and will demonstrate competitive advantages in some ways.
  • Have an adequate level of competence, experience. They must also demonstrate full understanding of the industry particularly market demand and supply.
  • Demonstrate integrity by its managers; there are several factors indicating integrity: sense of prudence (i.e. not extravagant); humility and a sense of their own limitations (i.e. coachable); honesty about the business, finances, etc
  • Have a good market potential to allow growth activities.