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Whatever Your Agribusiness, UAA Has Got Your Back!


We focus on the business of agriculture! Our principle job, is to help agribusinesses in Uganda thrive. We are dedicated to supporting our members improve and grow, encouraging entrepreneurial activity and promoting responsible business practices

I am excited to welcome you to the Uganda Agribusiness Alliance's website. This is where we plan to share our thoughts on the next big ideas, policies and practices that will shape & disrupt the agribusiness industry in Uganda.

Uganda Agribusiness Alliance (UAA) is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder partnership and members-based organisation conceived in 2014 to catalyse sustainable investment and growth in the agricultural and agri-allied industry in Uganda.

For too long, the agribusiness industry in Uganda has been working in Silos. UAA's purpose is to unite all those involved in the industry to best optimize their ability to profitably and sustainably pursue the many global opportunities that present themselves as part of competing in the world's largest industry - agribusiness.

We will influence policy-making, inform business decisions, encourage entrepreneurial activity, share best practices, facilitate collaboration, and engage stakeholders beyond commercial objectives.

So, I invite you to join an Alliance devoted to growing solutions for building a competitive, inclusive, sustainable, equitable and resilient agribusiness industry in Uganda.


We help you remove your barriers to success by bringing together funders, CEO assistance, connections, opportunities and strategic growth consultancy.

UAA is building partnerships and active engagements of all agricultural value chain actors in Uganda to identify and coordinate solutions for addressing systemic bottlenecks that can have a catalytic effect on agribusiness development across the country.