membership » how to become a member of uganda agribusiness alliance


Becoming a UAA Member is simple! Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and must be forwarded in writing to the Secretariat addressed to the Chief Executive Officer. Interested organisations are required to follow the following procedures for all membership applications of all categories:

  • Fill in the Membership Form which can be obtained at the Secretariat or downloaded from UAA's website.
  • The completed Application must be accompanied by a cover letter signed by the Chairperson or other designated Official, your Organisational Profile, Strategic Plan where applicable and Published Accounts where available and the joining fee.
  • After submitting your application, the Secretariat will first review all the documents submitted to check whether all the necessary requirements have been provided and then circulate copies of applications documents to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall review membership applications and any other relevant information at its regular meetings. Where necessary an interview will follow to decide whether to forward the application to the Management Committee for approval or decline the application or defer the application until the relevant documents have been submitted.
  • The Management Committee will then review the various applications that have been forwarded by the Membership committee in order to: admit the applicant as a member; or decline the application, or defer the application for a stated period which may include requesting additional information. The Management Committee will clearly state the reasons for its decision and summarize any comments received.
  • The Management Committee will inform the Board of Directors of the accepted and rejected candidacies in their next-scheduled Board meeting, in order to ratify the decisions.
  • Immediately following the Management Committee's decision, the Secretariat will advise the applicant of its decision in writing, together with a clear explanation for its decisions.
  • For those whose membership has been endorsed, you will be informed of your membership subscription by way of an invoice which is payable immediately.
  • After making payments of your subscription fees, your UAA membership certificate for the year will be awarded after 7 business days.
  • A file containing a record of the application shall be established and maintained by the Secretariat.
UAA reserves the right to admit members at its own discretion. Members are bound by, and must remain in compliance with, UAA's Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as its by laws.