about us » uganda agribusiness alliance objectives


  • Create industry-to-industry linkages that drive on-the-ground action on business issues that matter for agricultural growth;
  • Promote inclusive, commercially successful, businesses that benefit all actors in the value chain;
  • Prepare, disseminate, and promote the exchange of information on matters affecting the agribusiness industry in Uganda;
  • Catalyse strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships and building strategic alliances;
  • Raise awareness among domestic, regional and international investors about the attractiveness of Uganda's agribusiness industry to expand domestic and foreign direct investment in agriculture;
  • Enable research and innovative growth amongst agri-oriented entrepreneurs through knowledge, business skills, technical development, finance, markets, networks and capital needed to advance their enterprises.
  • Advocate for policies and legislation needed to build an enabling environment for agribusinesses of all sizes to thrive and to strengthen the agribusiness eco-system.
UAA's work is developed around ideals of interdependence and national responsibility sustained by action programs stressing mutual interest and commercial reciprocity to create a future in which all actors across the agricultural value chain thrive.